Water Transfer & Sourcing

Comprehensive Water Management for the Energy Industry

Rockwater teams engineer systems of pumps, piping, manifolds, above ground storage tanks, and filtration equipment tailored for the specific needs of each location and pumping requirement. Our technicians have mastered the complexities of harsh climates and varied terrains and offer an economic and environmentally-conscious alternative to minimize customer footprint.

water sourcing

With extensive databases of landowners interested in selling water and the capability to develop databases for new areas, Rockwater has a professional team ready to handle your water needs from the very beginning. Our water resourcing team offers the following services:

  • Locating and acquiring rights to water sources
  • Water quality testing
  • Permitting water withdrawal
  • Landowner relations
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Storage planning

water transfer

Fluids Network Design is a complete network of pipe connecting multiple pad locations, pits, tanks, water sources, treatment facilities and disposals. This system provides a seamless network for water supply and re-use. Fluids Network Design creates a dependable infrastructure to manage water, delivers at the best possible cost, and simplifies the planning process for each job.

Clients utilize a Rockwater fluids network design when they have identified a geographic area to explore and produce for a few years or more. Installation of permanent or semi-permanent distribution pipelines in multi-use areas are extended by temporary lines for each location. Fluids Network Design configurations may include:

  • Lay-flat Hose
  • HDPE Pipe
  • Above Ground Storage Tanks
  • Centrifugal Pumps
  • Pipe Manifolds
  • In-Line Heating


Reduce your footprint on location with above-ground storage tanks engineered for strength and quick assembly. Our high capacity tanks replace the need for in-ground pits and frac tanks allowing you to meet environmental regulations while reducing your costs, traffic, and dust to haul in frac tanks.


Rockwater Frac Support provides continuous supply and management of water for fracturing operations. This involves trained operators to install and monitor pipelines, pumps, tanks, manifolds, pressures, and as needed water trucking, filtration, and in-line heating. Our Frac Support teams coordinate closely with our partners to maintain required flow rates, enabling continuous fracturing operations.


Large and small particle filtration is available for both high and low volumes of water. We can filter the supply of water during fracturing operations, before fracturing operations or as it flows back. Our filtration services are scalable to meet the flow rate requirements of a particular job. Trained operators can be utilized to operate the system in order to provide the high quality of service to our partners.


Many clients prefer pipelines over water trucking to reduce dust and trucks on the road as well as costs. Our pipelines can be engineered to meet your particular fluids network plan and can be temporary or long term; surface or buried. A wide variety of pumps and pipe are available to meet your requirements. Rockwater is a seasoned partner in the design, construction and operation of fluids network systems.


Flowback Support services provide water transfer of flowback and produced water to disposal wells, pits, and water treatment through our fluids conditioning services. Rockwater also offers complete flowback and well testing services.

environmental solutions

We focus on delivering products that benefit your environmental footprint. Our teams apply new technology and practices to improve the environmental solutions we provide.

our commitment to safety

Safety is at the core of our culture and the highest priority in all that we do. Our teams approach each task with the mentality that we do not do it unless it can be done safely.