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Fluids Conditioning

Water Quality Variability During Oilfield Wastewater Treatment for Frac Reuse

September 10, 2015

Due to the increased interest in ways to better manage water resources in the oil and gas industry, a new sector of water treatment has arisen offering innovative ways to treat and reuse highly variable quality water.

Impact of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) on Oilfield Water Treatment

July 10, 2015

Methods in use in oilfield water treatments today to reduce TOC include chemical and electrochemical oxidation, aeration-enhanced aerobic digestion and activated-carbon filtration. Left untreated where high levels of TOC are present, the regrowth potential for bacteria is great.

Case History Uinta Basin

June 24, 2015

Rockwater Energy Solutions mobilized their Fluids Conditioning team, complete with patent-pending electro-oxidation technology and water chemistry experts to treating water to a level compatible with a borate crosslinked frac fluid, managing the degree of variability in the produced water, and maintaining reasonable economic benefits.