Production Chemicals Case Study

Scaling Problems Solved

Gas Output Up 160%, Oil Up 336%

Scale problems were causing exorbitant stripping costs and interrupting production. After a 2-day process, Rockwater returned the well to production with gas production up 160% and oil production up 336%.



Independent oil and gas company with well located in Canadian County, Oklahoma.

Pertinent Well Data:

Formation: Hunton Lime Perforated Interval: 8,486’-8,528’ Casing: 5 1/2" Tubing: 2 7/8” Lift type: Pumping well from under a permanent packer at 8,436’

Production prior to workover:

Gas MCF: 5.16 MCFD Oil: .88 BOPD Water: N/A


Rockwater was awarded the opportunity to design a complete system for the remediation and inhibition of the CaCO3 Scale problem. Objectives were set to restore production levels and establish consistent downhole pump efficiency by eliminating the CaCO3 Scale. Rockwater’s recommendation included an initial clean-up utilizing Rockwater’s RWR-1 (scale removal system) followed with Rockwater’s S-262 (scale Inhibitor) using a squeeze application for inhibition longevity. The following procedures were outlined for this project

CaCO3 scale removal, day one:

  • RU Rockwater pump unit via tubing.
  • Pump 1,000 gallons RWR-1 scale removal system with 50 PB-13 Perf Balls evenly spaced for diversion.
  • Flush with 3,360 gallons 1% potassium chloride water mixed with 10 gallons S-3000 antisludge agent.
  • Swab back treating load.

CaCO3 Scale Inhibition Squeeze, day two:

  • RU Rockwater pump unit via tubing.
  • Pump 165 gallons of S-262 (scale inhibitor) mixed in 1,480 gallons of 1% potassium chloride water with 10 units of B-1060 micro-biocide and 5 gallons of S-3000 antisludge agent.
  • Flush with 3,360 gallons 1% potassium chloride water.
  • RD Rockwater, RIH with rods and pump, leave well SI for 24 hours then return for production.


Scaling problems were resolved effectively and cost efficiently. Gas production increased by 160% and oil production increased by 336%, with a 2-year stabilized daily production average of 8.24 MCFD and 2.96 BOPD. Operational costs were at an all-time low throughout this time.

Well production levels were stabilized for a 23 month period with an average scale residual of 69 PPM. Recently, the down hole pump was pulled for replacement due to probable wear with no trace of CaCO3 Scale. At that time Reef’s S-262 squeeze application was again reapplied prior to running the pump back into the well.