End-to-End Chemistry

Begin with the End In Mind

Rockwater is a technology-focused provider of oilfield chemicals with expertise in completion, stimulation, and production chemicals. Whether it’s identifying a well’s scale potential in advance, matching friction reducers to the water chemistry, or treating corrosion for the long-term, Rockwater can identify, develop, manufacture and deploy with fewer touch-points.

Unique perspective. Unique Solutions.

Rockwater specializes in chemical solutions across all phases of the well. As such, we are uniquely positioned to optimize chemical use by disinfecting source water, customizing the completion package and treating produced fluids.


Visibility into the complete chemical program throughout the life of the well to inform optimization potential.

We analyze the performance of your chemical program from beginning to end to identify issues starting downhole, all the way to the tank battery. Data collected from each stage as well as historical data combined with machine learning can provide valuable solution-driven operations.


Manufacturing custom chemistry to improve frac fluid performance and extend the protection of your asset.

Each field and well have a unique chemical profile and geology requiring a team of experts familiar with the challenges. Our ability to develop programs to optimize the fluid systems from beginning to end is raising the bar in well performance.


Intelligence-driven automation to maximize results and minimize unnecessary chemical spend.

Automated equipment and sensors provide unmatched visibility and reduce human error. Sensors match dosing rates dynamically to water quality. Remote visibility and monitoring provide oversight, validation, and real-time data to identify operational efficiencies.


  • Long-term cost savings on your chemical program
  • Tailored manufacturing to fine-tune products for a particular application
  • Single source data collection utilizing LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) from completion through production.
  • Track KPIs by well for data-driven organizations
  • Efficient supply chain to minimize touch-points and service disruption
  • Single-vendor efficiency for multiple product and service categories

Bringing Innovation to each phase of your well.

Well Chemical Services

The Well Chemical Services team can help you protect the integrity of your well and maximize production before, during, and after the frac job with a comprehensive portfolio of both surface water treatment and flow assurance solutions—all targeted at delivering the greatest return on your investment.

Completion Chemicals

Rockwater is an innovator in the manufacture and supply of specialty oilfield chemical products for well completion and stimulation. Release the potential of your well with high-performance friction reducers and fluid systems developed and manufactured by Rockwater. Our innovative technology team can help make critical recommendations when it counts, and our logistics team delivers to location to help streamline completion operations

Production Chemicals

Providing the services and chemicals to maximize profitability throughout the life of your well. We analyze underperforming wells and engineer a chemical solution to dramatically enhance production, stimulate performance, and reduce production costs.

Optimize your chemical spend today!

Let us show you how end-to-end chemistry can improve your well performance and reduce your overall chemical spend.