Water + Chemistry Optimized For Well Performance.

Your one source in the industry for combined water and chemistry expertise. Fluidmatch™ provides you with the clarity, control and adaptability to enable real-time frac optimization and deliver a better well.



Identifying and evaluating water data to match the right source whether produced, blended or fresh.


Comprehensive on-the-fly treatment and disinfection aligned with pre- and post-frac KPIs..


Leveraging an established network of automated water logistics that can evaluate and adapt in real-time.


Developing, testing and manufacturing chemical solutions to match water chemistry on a per-project basis.

A Leader in Water Chemistry

We’ve created the ultimate blend of fluid focused solutions, combined and automated to create efficiency across operational lines— sourcing, treatment, delivery and chemistry.
Without a clear picture of each segment, you run a risk of over-treating, overdosing chemistry, and overpaying for your well. For example, creating the right produced water blend, flow rates and disinfection can influence a custom chemistry that reduces total operation inputs and create opportunities for more automation and efficiency.

Case Study

FluidMatch Improves FR Performance and Reduces Overall Costs

Learn more about cases where FluidMatch is optimizing fluid performance and operator costs.