Merry Christmas 2021


The Gift of Better Well PeRFormance

FluidMatch™ from Rockwater leverages our expertise in water analysis and sourcing combined with fluid chemistry for a  better well or cheaper well.   Learn more about our  ability to reduce fluid costs by optimizing FR performance.


Our Resolution: To Be The Best

Tell us how we did in 2021 by taking a brief survey. We  strive to be the best provider of water sourcing and logistic services. With your feedback we can do even better in 2022.

Leading The Industry in Oilfield Water Chemistry 

Completion Chemistry

Developing, manufacturing, and delivering custom chemistry that improves well performance and reduces cost.  

Well Chemical Services

From mobile on-the-fly treatment to large-scale facility planning and water sharing, we’ve expanded the definition of treatable produced water sources. 

Production Chemicals

We analyze underperforming wells and engineer chemical solutions to enhance production, stimulate performance, and reduce production costs.

Chemical Logistics

One-stop solution for the movement of well completion, stimulation and production products with exceptional customer service from origin to well site.

Water Sourcing & Infrastructure

Rockwater parent company, Select Energy Services has over 2 billion barrels of sourcing capacity and infrastructure  in major plays across the U.S.

Storage & Accommodations

Our partners at Peak provide high-capacity mobile tanks, containments, accommodations, and rentals that make remote operations possible.

Our Trusted Brands

Our companies and partners share our commitment to safety and operational excellence on location.