Chemical Logistics

Advanced Inventory Management Systems

Providing real-time management of chemicals at the well site, in order to reduce pass-through billing time to operators and eliminate the need to carry excess inventory.

Volume without the Variance.

Moving high volumes of product no longer means high variance in inventory levels. AIMS records real time product use with less than 2% variance, which means you literally get what you pay for.

Zero Inventory.

Maximize the benefits of bulk delivery and without tying up capital. AIMS makes this process seamless with just-in-time billing and the ability to reinventory partial products.

What’s in your tank?

Knowing what you have means reducing the risk of NPT (non-productive time). Track product use from your mobile device and set alerts to trigger resupply based on location and lead time.

On Call 24/7.

Our dedicated field service tech is on call 24/7 to simplify implementation and prove AIMS can deliver confidence under pressure.