Completion Chemicals

Environmental Solutions

Rockwater is focused on delivering products and services that benefit the environmental footprint of our customers. Our teams strive to continuously learn, develop, and apply new technology and practices to improve the environmental solutions we provide, which include:

FR and VFRs

All Rockwater Friction Reducer and Viscoelastic Friction Reducer product lines use mineral oils with non-detectable BTEX levels, furthering our commitment to industry sustainability. Learn More

Surfactant and Non-emulsification agent

Rockwater already eliminated nonyl phenol chemistry used in all surfactant and non-emulsification
agent product lines

RCKEMX-405 (Microemulsion)

Rockwater incorporates biodegradable oil phase in microemulsion product. The raw material used to produce
the biodegradable oil comes from plants, which improve the carbon fixation and lower the carbon footprint.

AI-350EX (Acid Corrosion Inhibitor)

Environmental friendly high temperature acid corrosion inhibitor contains no propargyl alcohol, nonyl phenol, quaternary amine or heavy aromatics

RCKLOCK C50 (Clay stabilizer)

A biodegradable polymer based semi-permanent clay stabilizer

In-Basin Manufacturing

Rockwater manufactures products as close as possible to customer locations to reduce emissions from hauling. Learn More

ACS GCI Hydraulic Fracturing RoundTable

Rockwater is a founding charter member with a mission to further advance greener fracturing fluids, fund academic research for safer alternatives, and develop tools to help companies make improved chemical choices.

Maximize Water Reuse

Rockwater can help provide sustainable produced water solutions through our Well Chemical Services—effective on-the-fly water treatment and flow assurance to protect your well and maximize production.

Learn More

Water Connection

Rockwater is a subsidiary of Select Energy Services—one of the largest providers of comprehensive water management solutions including sourcing, treatment, infrastructure, transfer, and storage. Speak to a Rockwater representative to learn more about our strategic capabilities with Select.

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