Well Chemical Services

Effective water treatment and flow assurance to protect your well and maximize production

The Well Chemical Services team can help you protect the integrity of your well and maximize production before, during, and after the frac job with a comprehensive portfolio of both surface water treatment and flow assurance solutions—all targeted at delivering the greatest return on your investment.

Treated to Protect

Dealing with produced, flowback, or even ‘fresh’ sources—includes a multitude of contaminants, such as bacteria, iron sulfide, and hydrogen sulfide. If left untreated, these contaminants can lead to big problems like restricting production flow and damaging your wellbore.

Mobile CIO2 Generation

On-the-fly mobile treatment produced and flowback water in tanks, reserve pits, impoundments, and ponds.

Well Chemical Sevices provides treatment based on proven chlorine dioxide (ClO2) technology, with a smaller environmental footprint, lower power costs and manpower needs than alternative solutions. This service neutralizes microorganisms, hydrogen sulfide (H2S), iron sulfide, phenols, mercaptans, and polymers in the surface water.

Speed up treatment while also improving safety

ClO2 is generated onsite via a mobile or permanently mounted generator, using three common liquid precursors—sodium hypochlorite, hydrochloric acid, and sodium chlorite. The automated system has inline monitoring and built-in features for added safety and reliability. Its vacuum-based generator ensures that ClO2 is generated in water only while the generator is running. If power is lost, then nothing is generated. Additionally, ClO2 is limited to less than 3,000 ppm.

Our treatment has a fast chemical reaction time, concentrated solutions, and high ClO2 generation rates. A single, mobile unit treats up to 100,000 BWPD (11,924 m3/d water) and can be set up very quickly—often in just one hour.


  • Bacterial Control
  • H2S and FeS Mitigaiton
  • Remediation of near-wellbore damage
  • Corrosion control and biofilm removal

Safety & Treatment Efficiency

  • ClO2 Max concentration of 3000 ppm
  • Over 95% conversion efficiency
  • ClO2 does not hydrolyze to form other compounds

We Put Water to Work


Rockwater can provide 24/7/365 time critical logistical support to both its own pumping services industry customers and third parties. Our warehousing services include inventory management, computerized inventory tracking and monthly reporting of starting and ending inventories. Learn more about our oiled chemicals, storage, and inventory management services provided through our Chemical Logistics team.

Water Connection

Rockwater is a subsidiary of Select Energy Services—one of the largest providers of comprehensive water management solutions including sourcing, treatment, infrastructure, transfer, and storage. Speak to a Rockwater representative to learn more about our strategic capabilities with Select.

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