Rockwater Energy Solutions Announces Purchase of Water Treatment Technology Company Neohydro Corp.

July 7, 2014
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Houston, TX – July 7, 2014. Rockwater Energy Solutions, Inc., a water management and environmental solutions provider to the oilfield industry, announced today the purchase of Neohydro Corp., a provider of water treatment technology to the oilfield since 2007. This transaction solidifies the partnership formed with Neohydro in 2012, in order to further accelerate growth opportunities for Rockwater’s Fluids Conditioning services and bring much needed water treatment options to operators.

As part of the purchase agreement, Rockwater has obtained ownership of the patent pending Neohydro® Pathocell™ technology, a unique form of electro-oxidation which can reduce bacteria by 99.9%, total suspended solids by over 99%, total petroleum hydrocarbons by 99%, and heavy metals by 40-90% (including strontium, barium and iron), yielding a clean brine suitable for reuse in hydraulic fracturing. Deployed on mobile rover units, Neohydro builds on a mix of treatment capabilities provided by Rockwater, including filtration, microbial management, and “variable” desalinization at the top-end. Already the technology has been field proven by Rockwater with successful customer operations in the Permian and Eagle Ford shale in Texas, as well as Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Oklahoma, and Canada.

“We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved over the past two years,” commented Rockwater’s Dean Themy, General Manager and Inventor – Neohydro Technology. “Rockwater has given us access to the marketplace, industry know-how, and the ability to scale our resources to develop solutions that are changing the way water treatment is performed in the oilfield.”

Since partnering with Rockwater in 2012, Neohydro Corp. has moved the majority of its operations to Rockwater facilities with further integration planned to continue its growth.

“What our customers want is a cost-effective solution to treat produced and flowback water to a level compatible with hydraulic fracturing fluids. A thorough understanding of this intricate chemistry requires both the technology and expertise that Rockwater delivers,” said Larry O’Donnell, Chairman, President and CEO of Rockwater. “This acquisition enables Rockwater to further align our focus and resources around advancing our Fluids Conditioning services to continue to expand the depth, breadth and scope of our comprehensive water management solutions, including water treatment, water transfer, flowback and well testing, high capacity above-ground storage tanks (ASTs) and chemical technology offerings.”

About Rockwater Energy Solutions

Rockwater Energy Solutions, Inc. provides extensive fluids management services and environmental solutions to the oil and gas industry by customizing cost-effective solutions associated with the full fluids life cycle. Rockwater offerings include water transfer by pipe; completion, stimulation, and production chemicals; water conditioning for reuse; proppant, guar, and additives for fracturing; flowback and well testing services; fluids transportation and storage; and logistics and distribution services to support its product and service offerings. Rockwater is headquartered in Houston, Texas, and has about 3,000 employees serving every major shale basin in North America.

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