Rockwater Introduces UltRecovery MEOR Technology to Customers

August 25, 2021

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Rockwater Energy Solutions, a subsidiary of Select Energy Services, will be the primary beneficiary of the acquired technology and expertise from its recent purchase of UltRecovery.  This transaction expands Rockwater’s capabilities in the category of Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery (MEOR), an emerging technology that is designed to improve hydrocarbon recovery and well integrity.

“The mission of Rockwater is to increase production and reduce the environmental footprint of our customers,” said Paul Pistono, Executive Vice President of Oilfield Chemicals at Rockwater. “This is a sustainable technology using biochemistry to enhance our ability to match downhole fluids and improve productivity over the life of the well.”

UtlRecovery is based out of Houston, Texas. The company has demonstrated the cost-effectiveness of the chemistry in multiple well phases and basins, including the Permian. “This technology is well known in water flooding applications, and is now being adopted in unconventional plays to reduce slickwater formation damage to regain permeability,” said Brian Price, Vice President of Technology at Rockwater.

Select Energy Services highlighted the acquisition of UltRecovery in its recent earnings release, noting, “We continue to find new ways to diversify our capabilities and advance our initiatives around technology and sustainable solutions for customers.  We have enhanced our portfolio of environmentally-conscious technologies with the acquisition of UltRecovery, a leading provider of sustainable production enhancement chemical applications,” said John Schmitz, CEO and Chairman of Select Energy Sevices. “The UltRecovery acquisition expands our chemical solutions through a patented platform of novel biotechnologies designed to uplift production decline curves and increase recoverable reserves. UltRecovery’s environmentally-conscious solutions are based on microbiological processes, providing an attractive sustainable solution to the customer, while improving overall returns.”
Select Energy Services Reports Second Quarter 2021 Financial Results And Operational Updates, 8/3/21

For more information about Rockwater’s application of UltRecovery technologies including MEOR fluids, reach out to your Rockwater sales representative or use the contact form below